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 Ready To Run Nitro Vehicle Maintence Checklist
Ready to run nitro vehicles ar more popular now than ever, but many RTR owners don't know much about the internal workings of their vehicles because they didn't build them. Eventhough the vehicles come RTR doesn't mean that they will never require maintence.

Quick visual check. Look closely at all moving parts and for obvious problems.

Check all major fasteners.
Make sure all the screws that hold the bulkheads, drive train and engine on the chassis are not loose. Do a full vehicle check at least once a month and a visual check before each run.

Wiggle all the suspension and steering parts.
Be sure that all the components are firmly attached and be sure that the parts only move in the direction they were intended to move.

Spin the drive train. Any degree of drive train binding or poor brake adjustment can lead to excessive engine temperature and poor all around performance. Hold the vehicle off the ground and spin the wheels. There shouldn't be any resistance or tight spots. If their is a problem and it is not fixed it could lead to engine overheating or clutch damage. Some points to check are spur gear mesh, faulty clutch, bad bearing, or a brake assembly that binds.

Check your transmitter and transmitter batteries. This is the most common cause of really expensive crashes. Most radios have some type of battery meter but most RTR's don't have this system for the receiver batteries. Don't rely on average alkaline AA batteries for more than two hours of run time. Monster trucks use even more battery power because the servos have to strain more to turn the oversize tires.

Inspect the fuel and exhaust systems. Make sure that fuel lines are connected in the right places, and check them for cracks and slits. These small problems will lead to endless tuning problems. Make sure that the fuel tank filler cap is seated properly to ensure proper pressure is kept in the fuel system.
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